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Jennifer Thacher

Photo: Jennifer Thacher


Office:  ECON 2006
Website:  Personal website
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Teaching Interests

Microeconomics, Mathmatical Economics, and Environmental Economics

Research Areas

Invasive Species and Water

Selected Publications

  • "Depression and Anxiety, 21(2), 47-54." J. Thacher, E. Morey, E. Craighead (2005). Using Patient Characteristics and Attitudinal Data to Identify Treatment Preference Groups: A Latent-Class Model.
  • "Environmental and Resource Economics 34(1), 91-115." E. Morey, J. Thacher, W. Bre?e (2006). Using Angler Characteristics and Atti-
  • "Environmental and Resource Economics 37(4): 757-775." G. Aldrich, K. Grimsrud, J. Thacher, and M. Kotchen (2007). Relating Environmental Attitudes and Contingent Values: How Robust are Methods for Identifying Heterogeneous Groups?
  • "Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics 10(2), 73-85." E. Morey, J. Thacher, E. Craighead (2007). Patient Preferences for Depression Treatment Programs and Willingness to Pay for Treatment.
  • "Land Economics. 84(4): 635-651." M. Hand, J. Thacher, D. McCollum, R. Berrens (2008). Intra-Regional Amenities, Wages, and Home Prices: The Role of Forests in the Southwest.