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Melissa Binder

Photo: Melissa Binder

Associate Professor

Office:  ECON 1006D
Website:  Personal website
CV:  Download PDF


Additional Responsibilities

Research Areas

  • Education
  • Child Welfare
  • Health
  • Income Security and Poverty in Latin America & the United States

Selected Publications

Salinas, Veronica, Jillian Medeiros and Melissa Binder. Forthcoming 2012. “Hispanic Origin and Obesity: Different Risk Factors, Different Responses.” In Mora, Marie and Davila, Alberto eds. The Economic Status of the Hispanic Population. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Binder, Melissa, Kate Krause, Janie Chermak and Jennifer Thacher. 2012. “The Teaching Penalty in Higher Education: Evidence from a Public Research University.” Economics Letters 117(1): 39–41.

Miller, Cynthia, Melissa Binder, Vanessa Harris and Kate Krause. 2011. Staying on Track: Early Findings from a Performance-Based Scholarship Program at the University of New Mexico. New York: MDRC.

Binder, Melissa, Kate Krause, Janie Chermak, Jennifer Thacher and Julia Gilroy. 2010. “Gender Pay Differences for the Same Work: Evidence from a United States Public University.” Feminist Economics 16(4): 105-135.

Binder, Melissa. 2009. “Why Are Some Low Income Countries Better at Providing Secondary Education?” Comparative Education Review 53(4): 513-34.

Anderson, Deborah J., Melissa Binder and Kate Krause. 2003. “The Motherhood Wage Penalty Revisited: Experience, Heterogeneity, Work Effort and Work-Schedule Flexibility.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 56(2): 273-94.

Binder, Melissa and Chris Woodruff. 2002. “Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility in Schooling: The Case of Mexico.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 50(2): 249-267.