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Daniel Clayton

Photo: Daniel Clayton

PhD Student

ECON 2001


Daniel Clayton was born in south of Ecuador, in a small town, Vilcabamba. This town is famous for its aesthetic qualities. It is a peaceful place, and now one of the primary places in Ecuador for retiring foreigners. The town’s water and climate have been the subject of various studies since it has been claimed that many people living in this village have lived over one hundred years. I grew up in this paradise where you can freely drink the river water as it makes bubbles beneath the slippery rocks. The sun is always shinning, and the fruit is always fresh. I finished high school in Ecuador, and continued my undergraduate studies in Texas. I graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor in International Business and a minor in Economics from Sam Houston State University. Throughout my undergraduate years, I had a penchant for studying subjects in the international landscape. I took courses in International Business Law, International Economics, International Finance, Intercultural Communications, U.S. Foreign Relations, and World Geography, to name a few. In addition, I have always had an interest in History, Philosophy and Politics. The field of Economics seems to be a point where many of these subjects converge. My interest in Economics is because it is an area of study that allows me to combine my life experiences, my studies and my philosophy of life into a defined course of action to make a difference in the world. My specific interests in Economics are Economic Development and Environmental Economics.