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Graduate Student Directory

Take a look at our Graduate Students Currently on the Job Market. 

This is a directory of current Graduate Students.
Bibek AcharyaPhD StudentEmail
Mohammad AliPhD CandidateEmail
Saleh Nur Muhammad Al-MamunPhD CandidateEmail
Rajan BishwakarmaPhD CandidateEmail
Jose BucheliPhD CandidateEmail
Avinandan ChakrabortyPhD StudentEmail
Soumyajit ChakrabortyPhD CandidateEmail
Guido DuquePhD CandidateEmail
Kevin EstesPhD StudentEmail
Nikhil GanvirPhD StudentEmail
Suraj GhimirePhD StudentEmail
Michael "Ben" GoodwinPhD CandidateEmail
Katherine GutierrezPhD StudentEmail
Xuanhao HePhD CandidateEmail
Michael HensleyPhD CandidateEmail
Aakrit JoshiPhD CandidateEmail
Jesse KaczmarskiPhD StudentEmail
Elmira KalhorPhD StudentEmail
James KaminskyPhD StudentEmail
Abhradeep KarmakarPhD StudentEmail
Bishal KhanalPhD StudentEmail
Niraj KhatiwadaPhD StudentEmail
Alyssa LatuchiePhD CandidateEmail
Mengqi "Mandy" LiuPhD CandidateEmail
Na LuPhD CandidateEmail
Jamal MamkhezriPhD CandidateEmail
Samsun NaherPhD StudentEmail
Florent NkouagaMaster's StudentEmail
Eva NurwitaPhD StudentEmail
Jake OrganPhD CandidateEmail
Bamadou OuattaraPhD StudentEmail
Thaneshwar PaneruPhD StudentEmail
Khusiman PunPhD StudentEmail
Md. Atiqur RahmanPhD StudentEmail
Md. Mashiur RahmanPhD CandidateEmail
Aditi SarkarPhD StudentEmail
Kritika SenPhD StudentEmail
Muhammad Adnan ShahidPhD StudentEmail
Disha ShendePhD StudentEmail
Rex SittiPhD StudentEmail
Colin SleeperPhD StudentEmail
Suzanne StradlingPhD CandidateEmail
Joseph UlibarriPhD StudentEmail
Kara WalterPhD CandidateEmail
Usamah WasifPhD StudentEmail
Siobhan YilmazPhD CandidateEmail