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Jake Organ

Photo: Jake Organ

PhD Candidate

ECON 1043
Curriculum vitae


Jake Organ decided to take a mid-career break to study a PhD in Economics as the answer to a lot of the questions that he has engaged with through his life of thought and activism. As a History graduate of Caius College, Cambridge, a published novelist, an experienced lecturer and an amateur linguist with significant Arabic and Spanish skills; the switch to the rigorous mathematical methodology of postgraduate Economics study has surprised many. However, his years of social activism and analysis; among drug addicts, gang members and refugees in the United Kingdom, as well as his deep experience of life in both East Africa and the Middle East convinced him of his need for a more vigorous set of social scientific tools with which to confront the inequalities and injustices that he has witnessed and grappled with at first hand.

He is particularly interested in the development issues faced by both the Middle East and East Africa and would love to benefit from UNM’s expertise in Environmental Economics to research some of the major problems caused by water scarcity in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa.