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Kara Walter

Photo: Kara Walter

PhD Candidate


I am an applied microeconomist with a primary concentration in environmental and resource economics.  My research interest currently lies in studying demand for environmental and resource goods. While at UNM, I have focused on issues of concern in the southwest, but my future research agenda will partially be driven by local issues and policy changes, as I expect my work will focus both on large scale environmental issues as well as local issues and policy.  My experiences have provided me with the suite of research approaches to be able to do this, but my experience that I have undertaken so far have provided me with the ability to apply these tools at multiple levels. 

I earned my MA in economics from UNM in 2013 and my BA in economics and finance from the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana in 2011.  Outside of work and school, I enjoy reading, traveling, and learning about random topics. ​

For the most recent information, please check out my personal webpage: