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Siobhan Yilmaz

Photo: Siobhan Yilmaz

PhD Candidate


Siobhan is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Economics, with interests in health, behavioral, and development economics, and the roles that technology play within these fields. She is majoring in International Development and Sustainability, with a minor in Public Economics. Her dissertation work is examining adolescent mental health in the developing world, with particular focus on stressors, support, and coping mechanism. This work will include analysis of the roles of school and cultural environments on emotional wellbeing during menstruation, for Nepali girls. Additionally, Siobhan is also pursuing a separate primary survey to analyze the impacts of mobile phone/smartphone use on mental health of older adolescents in Nepal, to account for as-of-yet unconsidered negative externalities of potential future mHealth initiatives in Nepal. She has also completed research examining the potential for economics-of-scale in behavioral telemedicine, examining the real-world expansion of a New Mexico-based telepsychiatry firm serving American Indian population across the United States.

These interests stem from her prior degrees including an MBA from UNM’s Anderson School of Management (2013), with a concentration in Management of Technology. She is also a Summa Cum Laude graduate in Biology (2011), as well as, a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University Honors Program at UNM (2011). As such, Siobhan seeks to find ways to approach interesting questions, which cross disciplinary boundaries, while bringing the empirical rigor of econometric techniques to strengthen the validity of analytic findings. Her future teaching interests include health, risky behavior, and development economics, along with microeconomic foundations, including basic game theory.