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Veeshan Rayamajhee

Photo: Veeshan Rayamajhee

PhD Candidate

ECON 1045
Curriculum vitae


Veeshan Rayamajhee is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Economics Department at the University of New Mexico. He is currently working on his dissertation which explores various household- and community- level responses to natural disasters based on a 2017 field survey that he conducted in Nepal following the 2015 mega-earthquakes. He is also an Adam Smith Fellow at the Mercatus Center (George Mason University) and a Humane Studies Fellow at the Institute of Humane Studies.

Veeshan will be entering the economics job market in the fall of 2018-19.

Personal Website:



  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics

    Specific Areas of Interest:
    Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, Social Capital, Food Security, Environmental Externalities, Non-market Valuation


  • Microeconomic Theory and Applications, Development Economics, Health Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics