Economics Faculty chosen as Faculty Fellows in the Student Experience Project

Departmental News

Posted: June 10, 2020

We are very proud that three of our faculty members, Senior Lecturer III Cristina Resier, Assistant Professor Jingjing Wang, and Associate Professor Melissa Binder have all been individually chosen (applying separately) to be Faculty Fellows in the Student Experience Project (SEP), which is part of the Provost's Challenge for Excellence and Equity, 

The SEP is a "national, multi-institution effort to improve student success and equity by increasing belonging, growth mindset, and other learning mindsets. It is designed to improve classroom performance and persistence to completion of degree among structurally disadvantaged students, including first-generation students and students of color." All three will "participate in training sessions, a community of practice, and implement a set of research-based interventions (in their chosen course) to build equitable learning environments." More info: