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Samrat Kunwar

Photo: Samrat Kunwar

PhD Candidate


My broad research interests are in the field of environmental and natural resource economics,  applied econometrics, and health economics. My primary area of focus is in non-market valuation methods, survey design, and climate change adaptation in the context of developing countries. My research strength lies in employing interdisciplinary, data-intensive and spatially explicit methods to investigate policies pertinent to environmental and public health issues. In my dissertation, I explore the challenges of urbanization with regards to river ecosystem services and drinking water quality in Nepal. Moving away from the urban sector , I also explore the impact of climate change on agricultural productivity and farmland values in rural Nepal. I use a combination of primary survey and secondary dataset, and employ empirical techniques that includes discrete choice modeling and spatially explicit regression models to answer these questions. Visit my website:

 Research Interest:

  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Health Economics


  • Neupane, D., Kunwar, S., Bohara, A. K., Risch, T. S., & Johnson, R. L. (2017). Willingness to pay for mitigating human-elephant conflict by residents of Nepal. Journal for Nature Conservation36, 65-76.
  • Kunwar, S. B., & Bohara, A. K. (2017). Climate sensitivities and farmland values in Nepal: A spatial panel Ricardian approach. Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics9(6), 145-161.