Soumyajit Chakraborty

Photo: Soumyajit Chakraborty

PhD Candidate


Soumyajit is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics with research focuses on the fields of development, labor, and health. Originally from Calcutta; he received his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Honors and Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees in Economics from Visva-Bharati University, and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree from University of Calcutta, India. Currently, he teaches the Macroeconomic Principles (ECON 2110) course and assists Dr. Kira Villa in teaching the Development Economics (Econ 321) class. Soumyajit is also a Research Assistant at the UNM School of Medicine, where he works with a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) research team. In recent times, he received the Guillermina Jasso Award and J. Raymond Stuart Award in Economics. He is also a recipient of the Ruddar Dutt Memorial Young Scholar Award in Economics.

Academic Webpage:


Teaching interests:

  • Microeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • Development
  • Labor
  • Health Economics, and Political Economy

Research areas:

  • Applied Econometrics
  • Development Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Health Economics


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  6. Chakraborty, S. (2013). Foreign Direct Investment in Last Half-decade: Where China and India stand among BRIC? Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail Sector, Indus Valley Publications. (ISBN: 81-88719-72-2)

Current Research Projects

  1. The Labor Market Cost of Being Tribal and Muslim: Evidence from India’ with Alok K. Bohara [under Review].
  2. Working and Getting Paid, But Eventually Less Than Men: By How Much in India?’ with Alok K. Bohara, Melissa Binder & Richard Santos [under Review].
  3. The Long-Term Survival Penalty Faced by Native Americans in Kidney Transplantation’ with Sarah Stith, Kristina Piotkowski & Fidel Barrantes [manuscript-in-progress]. 
  4. Role of Agronomical Knowledge in Crop Diversification: A Case Study of Nepal’ with Alok K. Bohara & Nayan K. Joshi [manuscript-in-progress].
  5. Nepal’s Experience in Adoption of Hybrid Seeds: Evidence from NSAF Project by USAID’ with Alok K. Bohara & Nayan K. Joshi [manuscript-in-progress].
  6. Comparing Critical Thinking Outcomes in Occupational Therapy Problem-Based Learning Groups using Six Thinking Hats Strategy: A Randomized Controlled Trial’ with Carla Wilhite & Brandi Jones [data analysis stage].