Welcome to the PhD Program

Welcome to the Department of Economics Doctor of Philosophy program at the University of New Mexico.

The department participates in a number of interdisciplinary graduate programs, such as Latin American Studies and Water Resources Program. Our department gives students the opportunity to focus on different goals within each degree path. The faculty work diligently with each student to prepare them for careers in academia, research, business and government. The growing involvement of government in regulating economic affairs in such diverse areas as utility rate regulation, environmental standards, occupational health and safety regulation, medical and other services for the elderly, and assistance to low-income households has created a considerable and growing demand for people with administrative capabilities combined with an understanding of economic incentives, economic systems, and the role of the public sector.

 Students with Ph.D.'s in Economics are particularly suited to meeting these employment needs of federal, state and local governments. Our department offers a challenging program with the opportunity to work with the faculty more closely and effectively.

 Our Ph.D. degree offers fields of specialization in:

  •     Environmental/Natural Resource Economics
  •     Public economics
  •     International/Development and Sustainability Economics

Faculty expertise in experimental economics, survey methods, and dynamic optimization and simulation, provides the foundation for research on a wide range of issues. We offer graduate seminars periodically to give the students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of individual fields. The Department of Economics offers a wonderful opportunity for graduate students to work with highly regarded faculty and motivated staff willing to help them succeed in every aspect of their college careers.