Dr. Nathaniel Wollman Endowed Fund

Departmental News

Posted: February 3, 2021

The Department of Economics is pleased to announce the creation of the Dr. Nathaniel Wollman Endowed Fund.  The purpose of the fund is to support faculty research in the department, and by this means to enrich the student experience in economics.  This fund was created with the generosity of James Adams (UNM BA Economics, 1967), a former student, and his wife Jennifer. James remarks that, “My experiences as a student of Dr. Wollman’s included excellent courses in micro theory and natural resource economics, and an independent study of public economics that changed the entire course of my professional life.  It is rare to find a scholar in the grand tradition of economics seeking to solve important social problems, who combines these skills with a desire to pass these interests on to the next generation.  Dr. Wollman was just such a one.  Please join us as we move the Department of Economics forward in a new century, building on this great legacy.  Just as the department looked after us when we were students, perhaps now is the time for us to look after it.  To this end I have set up an initial dollar for dollar match up to $25,000.  Further matches are possible as needed.” The Wollman family has expressed their deep gratitude to Dr. Adams and have made their own generous donations to the fund. To learn more about Dr. Wollman and his career and research, click here.