Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics focuses on addressing human interactions with natural systems. At UNM, out studies are transdisciplinary, combining, for example, economics with biology, hydrology, chemistry, and engineering.

We address some of the most pressing problems in the world and in the state of New Mexico including (but not limited to) climate change, drought, forest fires, water and water quality, energy, environmental health, and invasive species.

Our goals are not only to understand the impact of humans and their economic pursuits on the natural world, but also to provide policymakers with improved information with which to develop management policies that provide economic opportunity and long-term environmental and resource viability.

Robert P. Berrens, PhD, Oregon State University

Janie M. Chermak, PhD, Colorado School of Mines

Andrew Goodkind, PhD, University of Minnesota

Benjamin Jones, PhD, University of New Mexico

Jingjing Wang, PhD, UC Riverside

Xiaoyang Wang, PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Public & Health Economics

Heath economists study the supply and demand of physician and nurse services, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and other health care resources. Some work on at the department includes:

  • Race and ethnicity and access to the quality of health care received;
  • Issues on health care access and equity among woman;
  • Effects of the health care reform on the cost of care and utilization of health care services;
  • The economics of organ transplantation – wo doesn’t get a transplant and why;
  • How regulatory and insurance quality, requirements can affect patients;
  • Cost savings associated with medical cannabis access.

Melissa Binder, PhD, Columbia University

Philip Ganderton, PhD, UC Santa Barbara

Brady Horn, PhD, Washington State University

Xiaoxue Li, PhD, Syracuse University

Richard Santos, PhD, Michigan State University

Sarah Stith, PhD, University of Michigan

David van der Goes, PhD, Lehigh University

Robert O. Valdez, Phd, Pardee RAND Graduate School

International/Development and Sustainability Economics

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

 An example in the Department is the problem-based learning project about health and the environment in urban Nepal. This is an interdisciplinary collaboration with several faculty members on campus focusing on:

  • Analyzing real-world data from the ground using analytical tools and empirical modules;
  • Work collaboratively to discover causal linkages in sustainable technologies, awareness curricular interventions, citizen science apparatus, and others;
  • Aim to implement a group effort of the ground in collaboration with international partners. 

Alok Bohara, PhD, University of Colorado

Matias Fontenla, PhD, University of Texas

Kira Villa, PhD, Cornell University