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The UNM Economics Department is launching a fully online economics minor this Fall 2018 as part of UNM's Managed Online Program (MOP). Check out the Economics MOP webpate and the brand new video, starring our Economics faculty colleague Dave Dixon:

Assistant Professor David van der Goes, Economics PhD student Veeshan Rayamajhee and their co-authors had their paper "An Iron Triangle ROI Model for Healthcare.” published in ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research Journal

Evaluation Lab's Inaugural Summer Institute, lead by Associate Professor Melissa Binder, was covered by UNM News:

 Assistant Professor Sarah Stith and her colleagues had the following paper accepted: "The Role of Cannabis within an Emerging Perspective on Schizophrenia." Authors: Jegason Diviant, Jacob Vigil, Sarah Stith. Journal: Medicines

Assistant Professor David van der Goes and Professor Richard Santos had their paper, "Determinants of Private Health Insurance Coverage among Mexican American Men 2010-2013” accepted for publication at: Journal of Medical Economics.

Assistant Professor Ben Jones and Professor of Practice John Fleck had their paper, "Urban Trees and Water Use in Arid Climates: Insights from an Integrated Bioeconomic-Health Model," accepted for publication at: Water Economics and Policy.


Assistant Professor Sarah Stith and her co-authors had the following paper accepted for publication: "Patient-Reported Symptom Relief Following Medical Cannabis Consumption under Naturalistic Conditions" by S. Stith, J. Vigil, F. Brockelman, K. Keeling, B. Hall. Journal: Frontiers in Pharmacology

Recent Phd Graduate Chris Erwin and Associate Professor Melissa Binder had their paper, "Does Broad-Based Merit Aid Improve College Completion? Evidence from New Mexico's Lottery Scholarship" accepted at Education Finance and Policy.  It became available on line last week at: 

Assistant Professor Sarah Stith and her co-authors had their paper, Vigil, J., S. Stith et al., "Effectiveness of Raw, Natural Medical Cannabis Flower for Treating Insomnia under Naturalistic Conditions." accepted for publication in: Medicines.


Kristina Piorkowski has been hired as an Analytics Associate IV, a part of System Services Informatics at Presbyterian. Professor Alok Bohara was her dissertation advisor.

Associate Professor Brady Horn, Assistant Professor Xiaoxie Li, Economic PhD Candidate Saleh Nur Muhammad Al Mamum and their coauthors had the following paper, "The Economic Costs of Jail-Based Medication Assisted Treatment," accepted for publication in: American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Recent survey work, on NM households' energy preferences, by PhD candidate Kara Walters, Professor Jenn Thacher and Professor Janie Chermak was picked up but the NSF news service earlier this month:

Economics PhD candidate Janak Joshi and Assistant professor Jingjing Wang had their paper, "Manure Management Coupled with Bioenergy Production: An Environmental and Economic Assessment of Large Dairies in New Mexico"  accepted for publication in Energy Economics.

UNM Econ Research Professor Richard L. Bernknopf and coauthors were recognized for GRACE work on the Resources for the Future blog June 4, 2018 ( This is part of his ongoing work related to value of remotely sensed information. Bernknopf, R., Brookshire, D. (Econ Distinguished prof emeritus), Kuwayama, Y., Macauley, M., Rodell, M., Thompson, A., . . . Zaitchik, B. (2018). The Value of Remotely Sensed Information: The Case of a GRACE-Enhanced Drought Severity Index. Weather, Climate, and Society, 10(1), 187-203. doi:10.1175/wcas-d-16-0044.1

UNM Econ Assistant Professor David van der Goes has successfully created a UNM Foundation Endowment fund: "Medical Economics Review and Evaluation Fund"  It will be listed and linked shortly up on our Econ dept webpage, and is open to receive donations.

Econ Phd candidate Jamal Mamkhezri has received a UNM Center for Regional Studies Graduate Fellowship award for 2018-2019.

Associate Professor Brady Horn's co-authored 2017 article Do Minimum Wage Increases Influence Worker Health?, published in Economic Inquiry, was one of the journal’s top 20 most downloaded recent papers.

Assistant Professor Ben Jones's co-authored 2017 article in JEEM on urban afforestation was featured as a research highlight in the journal Nature Sustainability (part of the Nature family of journals), May, 2018

PhD candidate Elmira Kalhor was selected to attend an “NSF Cyber Carpentry: Data Life-Cycle Training” workshop at the University of North Carolina."

PhD candidate Saleh Mamun accepted a summer internship at Idaho Naitonal Labs.  

PhD candidate Kara Walter accepted a visiting position at Gettysburg College.

PhD candidate Suzanne Stradling received a NM WRRI Student Water Grant to work on  "Hydroelectric management on the Rio Chama: examining costs and benefits from non consumptive flow management between the El Vado and Abiquiu reservoirs."

PhD Candidate Veeshan  Rayamajhee received two fellowships in May: Adam Smith Fellowship (Mercatus Center) and Humane Studies Fellowship (Institute of Humane Studies).  As a part of the ASF, he  will be contributing a chapter  in an edited volume titled "The Political Economy and Social Philosophy of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom." 

PhD Candidate Samrat Kunwar has received an offer of visiting assistant professorship from SUNY Binghamton, NY.


Assistant Professor Ben Jones, Professor Robert Berrens and their co-authors had their paper, "Inclusive Non-Market Valuation in Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS): A Motivating Theory", accepted for publication at: Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy

Assistant Professor Sarah Stith and her co-authors had their paper, "Reported Effects of the SRTR 5-Tier Rating System on US Transplant Centers", accepted at: Transplant International

Phd candidate Alyssa Latucchie presented her research requirement paper at the 15th Annual RMSAWWA/RMWEA Student Conference at Colorado School of Mines yesterday and was awarded 3rd place in oral presentations, which included a $200 cash prize.

Economics Phd candidate Siobhan Yilmaz and associate professor Brady Horn and their co-authors had their paper, "An economic cost analysis of an expanding multi-state behavioral telehealth intervention," published in: Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare.

Economics PhD candidate Elmira Kalhor (PhD Civil Eng.) and assistant professor Vanessa Valentin (UNM Civil Eng.) had their paper, "Cost estimation framework for optimal retrofit planning to mitigate residential building vulnerability to wildfire," published in April 2018 in: Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (and designated as "Editor's Choice" article).

José Bucheli Penafiel, current PhD Candidate in the Economics Department, has been awarded "Graduate Employee of the Year 2018" by The Center For Teaching and Learning department.

Michael Guarino, Fall 2017 graduate of UNM Economics, will be continuing his studies in the Applied Econometrics and Data Analytics program offered through the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Arizona.

Abraham Maggard, Spring 2018 graduate of UNM Economics, will be continuing his studies at Georgetown University Law Center.

Jack Hodge, Spring 2018 graduate of UNM Economics, will be continuing his studies at University of Colorado School of Law.

Michael O'Donnell (UNM BBER and 2018 UNM Economics PhD) and Professor Robert Berrens had their article, "Understanding falling municipal water demand in a small city dependent on the declining Ogallala Aquifer: case study of Clovis, New Mexico," accepted for publication in: Water Economics and Policy

UNM Extended Learning has announced that the Online Course Advisory Council’s Best Practices Certification will be awarded to:
  Cristina Reiser, Lecturer III, for ECON 106 - Introductory Microeconomics
  David Dixon, Lecturer III --ECON 303 - Intermediate Macroeconomics

Graduate Seminars

All Seminars are located in the Economics Dept, Room 1002 from 3:00p - 4:30p. Speakers and dates are subject to change.