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Jose Bucheli (Econ PhD student), Prof. Kira Villa and Prof. Alok  Bohara had their paper "Paths to Development? Rural Roads and Multidimensional Poverty in the Hills and Plains of Nepal"

accepted at: Journal of International Development.

 Mo O'Donnell (Econ PhD student) and Prof. Robert Berrens had the following paper, "Spatial Analysis of Municipal Water Demand: A Panel Data Approach," accepted for publication at:  Applied Economics Letters.

Prof. Alok Bohara and Kristina Piorkowski (Econ PhD student) who had their paper accepted for publication in Feminist Economics: “Passing the ‘Torches of Freedom’: Smoking Behaviors of Women in Nepal”


Congratulations to Prof. Sarah Stith and co-authors, Jacob Vigil, Ian Adams, and Anthony Reeve, who had their paper, "Associations between Medical Cannabis and Prescription Opioid Use in Chronic Pain Patients: A Preliminary Cohort Study," accepted at PLOS ONE.

PhD students Xuanhao He and Na Lu, and Dr. Robert Berrens had the following article, "The Case of the Missing Negative Externality? Housing Market Effects of Fracking in the Niobrara Shale Play, Colorado," accepted for publication in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy.


Congrats to Prof. Melissa Binder and Chris Erwin (Econ PhD student), along with their co-authors, Nancy López, & Mario Javier Chavez who had the following article published "Making the invisible visible: advancing quantitative methods in higher education using critical race theory and intersectionality" in the the journal: Race Ethnicity and Education 

A paper coauthored by Soumi Roy Chowdhury, Alok Bohara, and Brady Horn, got accepted for publication "Balance of Power, Domestic violence and Health Injuries: Evidence from Demographic and Health Survey of Nepal," World Development

Graduate Seminars

All Seminars are located in the Economics Dept, Room 1002 from 2:30p - 4:00p. Speakers and dates are subject to change.

Dr. Lauren Nicholas
Lifetime Job Demands, Work Capacity and Disability at Older Ages
December 1, 2017

Southwestern Society of Economists (SSE) Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM