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Dr. Kira Villa had a paper "Multidimensional Human Capital Formation in a Developing Country: Health, Cognition, and Locus of Control in the Philippines," accepted for publication in the Journal of Economics and Human Biology.


Dr. Xiaoxue Li had a paper with Jinqi Ye, at Huazhong University of Science and Technology accepted, "The Spillover Effects of Health Insurance Benefit Mandates on Public Health Insurance: Evidence from Veterans" in the  Journal of Health Economics.


Samrat Kunwar had a paper accepted, "Assessing the Impact of Climate on Farm Values in Nepal: A Spatial Ricardian Approach” in the Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics

Meghan Lippert, Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Advisor for Economics, has received the Provost Office's Excellence in Advising Award. Congrats to Meghan!!

Dr. Horn, Dr. Berrens, Dr. Bohara, Dr. Bern Dealy (former PhD student) and co-author Angela Bryan had the following paper accepted at, Applied Economics: "The impact of behavioural risk reduction interventions on willingness to pay to avoid sexually transmitted infections: a stated preference study of justice-involved youth."

Dr. Bohara and current PhD student, Kristina Piorkowski had a paper accepted for publication at Feminist Economics:  “Passing the “Torches of Freedom”: An Investigation into Smoking Behaviors of Women in Nepal".


Soumi Roy Chowdhury is the recipient of the UNM Graduate Dean's Dissertation Award 2017

Veeshan Rayamajhee is the recipient of the Adam Smith Fellowship and Graduate Research Supplement Award 2017

Graduate Seminars

All Seminars are located in the Economics Dept, Room 1002 from 2:30p - 4:00p. Speakers and dates are subject to change.