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The study of economics provides students with a compelling framework for understanding the world around them. Economists use simple models to explain decision-making related to markets, investments, schooling, and seemingly non-economic areas like sports, crime, and marriage. They employ careful data analysis to document the outcomes of these decisions, which may include positive outcomes (like economic growth and efficiency) and negative outcomes (like inflation, environmental degradation and inequality).

Students of economics develop critical thinking and technical data analysis skills that are in high demand in the labor market. Our graduates take jobs in finance and banking, business, non-profits and government. They work as financial advisors, mortgage brokers, product managers, economists, forecasters, policy analysts, data visualizers and research assistants. Some pursue advanced degrees in business, law, policy, and economics.

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Economics Department Pizza with Professionals

Please join Melissa Binder, Economics Chair and Michelle Zeigler, Board Member of the UNM Alumni Association as they host a lunch and discussion with UNM Economics alumni.

  • Efrain Ibarra, State of New Mexico Economist
  • Ryan Mummert, Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley
  • Jacquelyn Rambo, Project Lead at the National Nuclear Safety Administration
  • Joel Villareal, Labor Advocate at the AFL-CIO

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Study Abroad in Italy! (Summer 2024)

The Departments of Economics and Political Science, and the Anderson School of Management are collaborating to offer a study abroad experience in cooperation with our partner, LUISS University. Students will study and stay at LUISS on their beautiful Rome campus.

The Mediterranean, and Italy with it, is increasingly at the center of fundamental international political, economic an business issues, such as development and consolidation of trade routes and US-EU exchange, climate change and its effects on societal and economic transformation, political and cultural conflicts.

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Economics Department Hosting Pizza with Professionals Lunch and Discussion

February 8, 2024

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Three Economics Majors Awarded ASSURE Funding

January 30, 2024

The Arts & Sciences Support for Undergraduate Research Experience program (ASSURE) will support three economics majors this Spring as they pursue ... [Read More]