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Economics is a fundamental aspect of life because economics is about people, the decisions they make, and the impact of those decisions. As individuals, we make decisions about what career to pursue, where to live, whether or not to exercise, and how important climate change is to us. Firms managed by people choose which products to produce and how to produce them. Governments run by people decide whether and how to regulate these decisions. All of these decisions are tied to economics. At both the undergraduate and the graduate level, our program provides an opportunity to better understand these decisions and the impact of collective decisions more broadly. The department's vision statement describes us and our aspirations well:

Our department (faculty, staff, and students) is an applied economics program. We value collegiality, intellectual diversity and excellence. We work to improve the well-being of communities. Collectively, we aspire to -

  • Provide quality learning experiences that produce intellectually curious and highly capable graduates
  • Conduct policy-relevant and high-quality research
  • Serve the community, university, and discipline

As a department we are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment. Our research and teaching are strengthened by diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and points of view. We welcome colleagues and students of all races, ethnicities, abilities, religions, nationalities, gender identities, and orientations. Join us in learning economics at UNM.

"Do well, but do good is more than a catchphrase for the UNM Economics Department.

It is what our faculty, staff, and students have done and continue to do every single day"

-Janie Chermak, Professor

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