Evaluate Your Export Readiness with rEx

Dear User:

Exporting a good and service is a complex process. This diagnostic tool will give you feedback based on your responses to a series of questions. It is intended to provide a general sense for where you may be regarding your organization’s ability to enter the international and global marketplace.

This survey will ask a series of questions that will gradually increase in difficulty. Each answer you give influences the overall difficulty of the questions asked. These questions rely on the latest research regarding trade, competitiveness, and market entry.

Based on our current questionnaire, you will need to devote 20 minutes to complete this survey.

About the Project

This tool is open to the public to help businesses and students evaluate their ability to take goods and services across national borders.  The questions in the survey were designed after reviewing best practices of a variety of exporters within the United States. 

In association with the Fulbright Garcia Robles foundation in Mexico, UNM Mexico/GEO, COMEXUS, The City of Albuquerque (CoA), and the NM Trade Alliance, and UNM have created a binational business program that brings some of Mexico’s brightest talent to UNM as visiting scholars. During that time, they work with the NM Trade Alliance and the CoA on increasing NM’s trade capacity for local businesses and for the border region. As part of this, our students are on the frontline of establishing relationships with Mexico through embassies, companies, and other important stakeholders.

In 2019, Alejandro Capellan and Francisco Mansi extended their time as visiting scholars to develop an export readiness diagnostic tool. The City of Albuquerque provided funding for the development of the metric and UNM provided additional funding for related expenses for these scholars.

Contributors and Special Thanks

  • Alejandro Capellan
  • Francisco Mansi
  • City of Albuquerque Economic Development
  • Synthia Jaramillo
  • New Mexico Trade Alliance
  • Randy Trask
  • UNM Economics Department
  • Leah Hardesty, Bob Berrens, Janie Chermak, and Melissa Binder, MJR Montoya
  • Anderson School of Management IS staff
  • Eugene Rooney, Joshua Saiz
  • Anderson Marketing and Outreach
  • Anna Dykeman and Amy Winter
  • Global Education Office
  • Danielle Gilliam and Nicole Tami
  • COMEXUS staff
  • Fulbright Foundation
  • Anderson School of Management
  • Steve Walsh, Vanessa Garcia Kline, Shawn Berman, Kathryn Jacobson, Rob Delcampo, Julie Coonrod
  • Latin American Iberian Institute
  • Ronda Brulotte, Krista Savoca, Marleen Linares-Gonzales
  • UNM Provost's Office
  • UNM Registrar and Enrollment Management