NM Research 2024

The 3rd Annual New Mexico Economics Research Day is August 16, 2024!

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At the University of New Mexico Department of Economics, our faculty and graduate students engage in impactful research and outreach for the state and people of New Mexico.

Urban Greening (WIP)

Description forthcoming.

Faculty Involved:Robert Berrens

Graduate Student(s):Samuel Asare

Food Security (WIP)

Description forthcoming.

Faculty Involved: Xiaoxue Li, Sarah Stith

Graduate Student(s): Swarup Paudel

Disaster Economy/Wildfire Compensation (WIP)

Description forthcoming.

Faculty Involved: Manuel Montoya

Graduate Student(s): Constanza Mier y Teran Ruesga

Urban Water Demand (WIP)

Description forthcoming.

Faculty Involved: Jingjing Wang

Graduate Student(s): Nahid Samimimotlagh

Solar Photovoltaic Adoption (WIP)

Description forthcoming.

Faculty Involved: Yuting Yang

Graduate Student(s): Jiaqing Zhao

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