Welcome to the Master's Program

Welcome to the University of New Mexico's Master's Program in Economics! We offer students a unique experience as an applied economics department, working hard to improve the global community through academics and policy-relevant research.

Our Master's Program

Along with a strong foundation in theory and econometrics, our customized Master's program offers specializations in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Public Economics, International Development and Sustainability and Econometrics, with both thesis and examination options. As part of a large research university, intra- and interdisciplinary opportunities abound both within and outside the department. UNM's location in Albuquerque provides mountain vistas, international cuisine, music, and dance, and New Mexican red and green chile.

Strong Foundations & Applied Focus

Our Master's and Ph.D. students jointly complete coursework, ensuring a high level of rigor and thorough training in economic and econometric theory and their applications. Following completion of the core curriculum in economic theory and econometrics, students take specialized courses in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Public Economics, International Development and Sustainability, and Econometrics. Theses and other research papers often begin in class under the expert guidance of our faculty, all accomplished applied economists.

Customized Study

Our incoming cohorts are small by choice. On average we welcome about ten graduate students each year. Because of the applied nature of our program, our students have diverse backgrounds: from economics, to engineering and physics. This diversity enhances our program and provides an excellent background for applied research. Small cohorts also allow the opportunity for individualized mentorship with faculty. Students also have the opportunity for significant interactions with faculty and peers through our seminar series and colloquiums, in which all students are encouraged to participate. The success of our approach can be found in our placements in academia, federal and state government, and the private sector across all our fields.

Intra and Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities

The policy relevance of much of our research often leads to intra and interdisciplinary interactions and opportunities. Our work across campus, and across the state, includes associations with, Master of Public Policy; New Mexico EPSCoR's SMART Grid Center; the Water Resources Program; the Science Impact Laboratory for Policy and Economics; the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions; the UNM Center for Health Policy; the Latin American Iberian Institute; and the Nepal Study Center. As New Mexico's flagship university, we have strong connections to state government in Santa Fe, with associated research and funding opportunities.

New Mexico

New Mexico is known as the 'Land of Enchantment' - and with good reason. Pristine wilderness landscapes range from painted desert to still alpine lakes and steaming hot springs. Cliff dwellings, pueblos, and missions refelect the influence of Native American and Hispanic culture, which still infuses New Mexican life today from its food to its adobe houses. Albuquerque itself is bisected by the Rio Grande and under the watchful eye of the 10,679 feet high Sandia mountains, which offer endless outdoor fun, including hiking, picnicking, mountain biking, rock climbing, cross country skiing, and on especially snowy winter days, even downhill skiing. Discover more at New Mexico True.