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Congratulations on choosing to pursue a degree in Economics. We hope that you find your studies to be both rewarding and challenging. The Department of Economics as well as the Office of Graduate Studies has many deadlines leading up to your degree. While we will be here to guide you through the process it is your ultimate responsibility to adhere to deadlines. At the end of the Graduate Handbook we offer ideal timelines which include both departmental and university-wide deadlines. Proposed Timeline - Graduate Handbook

The Office of Graduate Studies also provides 'Snapshots' of their requirements which you can refer to at their website. Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies provides a doctorial graduation checklist that can help you planning out the completion of your PhD.  Graduation Checklist

Research Requirements

Perhaps the most difficult transition for the Ph.D. student is from being a "student" to becoming a "researcher." To that end, the department has a research requirement. The product of the research requirement will be a paper that the student submits for publication to a peer-reviewed economics, or economics -related journal. The paper will be written under the mentorship of the student's Committee on Studies and may or may not be directly related to his/her major field of study. It will not be part of the student's dissertation. The research requirement is fulfilled when the paper is:

  1. Approved unanimously by the student's Committee on Studies and the Graduate Director or the Department Chair
  2. Submitted for publication consideration to an appropriate peer-reviewed journal (approved by the Committee on Studies) and begins the review process (i.e., has been sent to reviewers)
  3. Presented as a formal seminar in the Department. The paper does not have to be accepted for publication to fulfill the research requirement

The student's Committee on Studies must approve the research topic prior to actually conducting the bulk of research (i.e., it may emanate from a class paper, but there must be significant "value added" if the paper is to meet this research requirement). While the research can begin as soon as the student has sufficient background and has the approval of his or her Committee on Studies of the topic, the research requirement cannot be formally fulfilled until all major field courses are successfully completed and both the core and econometrics exams are passed at the Ph.D. level.

Past Examples of Core Exams

For students studying for the Microeconomics Core Exam and/or the Macroeconomics Core Exam for the UNM Department of Economics, please find below previously used exam questions to assist you with your study process.

Microecon Exams
Macroecon Exams
Econometrics Exams

What Is The Committee on Studies?

Page 81 on the UNM catalog states: "Each doctoral student is strongly encouraged to assemble a committee on studies to assist in planning a program of studies. This program should be designed to foster a fundamental knowledge of the major field, both in depth and in breadth. The committee generally includes there University of New Mexico faculty members approved by the student's graduate unit. The chairperson is usually the student's major advisor. If the committee on studies will also serve as the doctoral comprehensive examination committee, they must meet the requirements listed in that section (see Faculty Approval section for details).

The basic role of the committee is to plan, with the student, an integrated individual program of study and research meeting general University and specific graduate program requirements. The Committee may also establish prerequisites when needed; recommend transfer of credit; certify proficiency in a foreign language or alternative skill; approve significant changes in the program of studies; and may serve as the core of the doctoral comprehensive committee (see composition criteria for dissertation committees).

Appointment of the Committee usually involves the following steps:

  1. Advisement: After your first year, the Chair of the Committee on Studies becomes your advisor, replacing the Graduate Director. The Chair of your Committee on Studies will approve your classes and will advise you on what coursework is appropriate for your degree. You can download a copy of the form here. You can download additional information about the committee here. 
  2. Research Requirement:  The Committee on Studies is the group of faculty that you will be working with on your research requirement.  This requirement is one of the most important parts of the program because it may be your first opportunity to do research. By learning about the research process and enhancing your research skills, you will be better prepared to work on your dissertation.  Completing your research requirement early, will increase the probability of having publications when you go on the job market.

To complete this requirement, you must: write a research paper that is approved by your Committee on Studies; present your research in a departmental seminar; submit your paper to a journal and have it sent out for review.

Process for Requesting an Extension

Guidelines to Petition to the Dean of Graduate Studies, Office of Gaduate Studies

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