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Senior Lecturer Dave Dixon is quoted extensively in a NM Political Report, re methane emissions:

Professor Robert Valdez has been invited to present his work on vaccinations and “herd immunity” at the upcoming NM Legislative Health and Human Services committee meeting in Taos this week. His presentation will be based on a 2019 published article in the journal Madridge Vaccines related to the national outbreaks of measles.

Assistant Professor Sarah Stith has been awarded research funding from the Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP)’s 2019 –2020 Extramural Small Grant on Poverty, Retirement, and Disability Research, in collaboration with the Center for Financial Security (CFS) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and supported by the Social Security Administration. Her successful grant proposal was titled, "Effect of Work Requirements, on Employment, Educational Attainment & Disability Status," and includes support for a graduate research assistant during 2019-2020.

Under the leadership of Professor Richard Santos, and a group of supportive faculty and graduate students, the Department of Economics at UNM was proud to help host the recent "Freedom and Justice Conference"
by the National Economic Association (NEA) & the American Society of Hispanic Economists (ASHE). Highlights included keynote address by NM Congresswoman Debra Haaland. Check out: #NEA_ASHE


Research Professor Rich Bernknopf had his work featured in the linked press release by Resources for the Future:

Economics graduate student Niraj Khatiwada has been awarded a one-year fellowship by International Centre for Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

Economics PhD candidate Siobhan Yilmaz and Professor Alok Bohara had a paper accepted for publication  "Touch for Health: Use of Pavlovian Processes with Physical Touch as A Means to Improve MHM Initiatives, Measured by WTP," at  PharmacoEconomics

Assistant professor Ben Jones had the following paper accepted for publication at Land Economics: "Invasive Species Control, Agricultural Pesticide Use, and Infant Health Outcomes"


Professor Robert Valdez had the following article accepted for publication: Valdez, R.B., "What have we learned from the current measles outbreak to prevent future vaccine-preventable emergencies?", Madridge Journal of Vaccines, In press, July 2019.

Associate Professor Brady Horn, and his co-authors, had their paper, "Business cycles and admissions to substance abuse treatment," accepted for publication at: Contemporary Economic Policy

Econ PhD student Suzanne Stradling is in the news for her research on the Rio Chama:


David van der Goes and his co-authors had their paper, “Determinants of Specialist Physician Ambulatory Visits: a Neurology Example,” accepted to the Journal of Medical Economics.

Jose Busheli has accepted a tenure track assistant professor position at New Mexico State University in the Department of Economics. Matias Fontenla and Alok Bohara are Jose's co-chairs.

Professor, and Senior Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Phil Ganderton and his co-authors has their article, "Assessing Economic Damages in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation: The State of New Mexico” accepted for publication in the Journal of Forensic Economics.


Ph.D. Candidate Soumyajit Chakraborty has been awarded  a UNM Feminist Research Institute (FRI) Graduate Student Research Grant to engage in data collection in Nepal towards the research project titled: “Gender Roles of Return Migration in Developing Economies: A Case Study of Nepal.” Soumyajit will be visiting Nepal during the Winter 2019. Also, as part of his award, he is invited to give a talk in the FRI Research Lecture Series. Professor Alok Bohara is his advisor.