David Brookshire

Photo: David Brookshire

Distinguished Professor



David S. Brookshire was a long-time professor of Economics, here at UNM-Department of Economics. As a Distinguished Professor, Brookshire was also the Director of  the Science Impact Laboratory for Policy and Economics (SILPE).

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental & Resource Economics
  • Water Resources Program

Research Areas

  • Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
  • Non-Market Valuation
  • Experimental Market Methods
  • Policy Issues Associated with Endangered Species
  • Natural Hazards and Water, Air, and Land Resources

Selected Publications


Societal Value of Geologic Maps, U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1111, U.S. Department of Interior, (1983), (with R. Bernknopf, D. Soller, M. McKee, J. Sutter, J. Matti, and R. Campbell).

Valuing Environmental Goods: An Assessment of the Contingent Valuation Method, Totowa: Rowman & Allanheld, Publishers, (1986), (with R. Cummings and W. Schulze).

Water Policy in New Mexico: Addressing the Challenges of an Uncertain Future, eds. David S. Brookshire, Hoshin Gupta, Paul Matthews, Resources for the Future Press, January 2012. 

Articles (Recent)

"Water Leasing: Evaluating Temporary Water Rights Transfers in New Mexico through Experimental Methods", Natural Resources Journal, 2010, (with C. Broadbent, D. Coursey, V. Tidwell).

"Ecosystem Services and Reallocation Choices: A Framework for Preserving Semi-Arid Regions in the Southwest", Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education, 2010, (with D. Goodrich, M. D. Dixon, L. A. Brand, K. Benedict, K. Lansey, J. Thacher, C. D. Broadbent, S. Stewart, M. McIntosh, D. Kang).

"Creating Real Time Water Leasing Market Institutions: An Integrated Economic and Hydrological Methodology", Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education, Issue 144, March 2010, (with C. Broadbent, D. Coursey, V. Tidwell).

"Projecting Avian Response to Linked Changes in Groundwater and Riparian Floodplain Vegetation Along a Dryland River: A Scenario Analysis", Ecohydrology, (with L. A. Brand, J. Stromberg, D. Goodrich, M. Dixon, K. Lansey, D. Kang, D. Cerasale), Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages: 130-142.

"Moving Forward by Looking Back: Comparing Laboratory Results with Ex Ante Market Data", Economic Inquiry, 2011, (with J. Chermak, K. Krause, and S. Burness).

"Projecting Avian Guild Responses to Landscape Management Along the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico. "The Southwestern Naturalist ", 58 (2): 150-162, 2013, (with Brand, L. A., M. D. Dixon, T. Fetz, J. C. Stromberg, S. Stewart, G. Garber, D. C. Goodrich, D. S. Brookshire, C. D. Broadbent, and K. Benedict).

"An Experimental Analysis of Water Leasing Markets Focusing on the Agricultural Sector", Agricultural Water Management, Vol. 141, pp. 88-98, 2014, (with C. Broadbent, D. Coursey and V. Tidwell).

"Valuing Preservation and Restoration Alternatives for Ecosystem Services in the Southwestern U.S.", 2015, Echhydrology. (with C. Broadbent, D. Brookshire, D. Goodrich, M. Dixon, L. A. Brand, J. Thacher, S. Stewart)