Xiaoxue Li

Photo: Xiaoxue Li

Associate Professor

Email:  lix@unm.edu
Office:  ECON 2006
Website:  Personal website
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Dr. Li is an applied microeconomist specializing in the fields of Health Economics and Public Economics. Her research primarily focuses on the issues related to efficiency and equity in health care market, with an emphasis on the role of government policies. Her recent research quantitatively evaluates the consequences of various government policies: whether the public provisions of health care improves the health of the disadvantaged; whether the government regulations in private market improves the accessibility of care; and whether public outreach and information disclosure help enhance the effects of public policy. Prior to joining UNM, she received a Ph.D. in Economics from Syracuse University in 2015.

Research Areas

  • Health Economics
  • Public Economics

Teaching Interests

  • Public Economics
  • Principle Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomic Theory

Selected Publications

Li, X., & Ye, J. (2017). The Spillover Effects of Health Insurance Benefit Mandates on Public Insurance Coverage: Evidence from Veterans. Journal of Health Economics, 55, 45–60

Li, X. (2018). Improving the Labor Market Outcomes of US Veterans: The Long-Run Effect of the Transition Assistance Program. Defence and Peace Economics (in press)

Li, X. & Stith, S (2020). Health insurance and self-assessed health: new evidence from Affordable Care Act repeal fear. Health Economics. Forthcoming.

Li, X., & Tian, L. The Effect of Non-Employment-Based Health Insurance Program on Firm’s Offering of Health Insurance Benefits: Evidence from the Social Health Insurance System in China. Journal of Comparative Economics. Forthcoming.

Li, X., Tian, L., & Xu, J. Missing Social Security Contributions: The Role of Contribution Rate and Corporate Income Tax Rate. International Tax and Public Finance. Forthcoming.