Application FAQ

Q: What math class are recommended?

A: Students are required to have completed one semester of calculus (preferably the equivalent of at least UNM’s Math 162 or Math 180) and a course in Linear Algebra or Matrices is also strongly recommended. It is recommended that you have a good background in math skills, economic theory, and statistics (e.g., calculus, linear algebra, micro/macro theory; and statistics background and regression analysis exposure).

Q: I took the GRE five years ago, do I need to take them again?

A: For domestic and International students, please provide current GRE Scores no older than 3 years at time of submission of your application and for International students, please provide current English Proficiency scores.

Q: What were the average GRE scores in previous admission cycles?

A: Please see below:

YEARVerbal ScoreQuantitative Score


Q: What is the University Code that I need to input when I request that my scores be sent to UNM?

A: Our institution code is 4845

Q: I have taken the GMAT; do I still need to take the GRE.

A: Yes you will need to take the GRE. For testing information, study aids, and other general questions, visit the ETS website.

Q: The Office of Admissions requires that I provide official transcripts; do I need to provide a second copy to the department?

A: The University of New Mexico needs only one copy of official transcripts. For your convenience please have transcripts sent to the department and we will forward them to Admissions.

Q: Is there anything specific that needs to be in the Letters of Recommendation?

A: The Office of Graduate Studies provides a questionnaire that can be filled out. However, most professors will also provide an additional letter on official letterhead.

Q: I notice that you have two deadlines for admissions. Which deadline do I need to meet?

A: February 15th is the deadline if you are an international student or a domestic student seeking departmental funding. July 1st is the deadline for domestic students who are not requesting departmental funding.

Q: I am a permanent residence of the United States; do I apply as an International or a Domestic student.

A: The term International does not refer to where you were born; it refers to what your status as a student will be. If you will require a student visa to come to the University of New Mexico than you will be considered International. Please contact the Department of International Admissions at GoGlobal@unm.edu, if you are uncertain.

Q: What makes a complete application?

The University of New Mexico (UNM) requires applicants to submit their applications here. Domestic and International applicants MUST submit the following for a complete application:

  • Statement of Intent - must include field of interest and previous math courses that you take over the past years to help you prepare for the Economics Graduate Program
  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
  • Current GRE Scores (no older than 3 years at time of submission of your application)
  • CV required (curriculum vitae or resume, including current contact information)
  • Transcripts from each institution of higher learning that the applicant has attended.

In addition to the above, international applicants who do not speak English as a first language MUST submit:

  • TOEFL, IELTS, or other UNM approved English Proficiency Test scores. Please consult the this webpage for more information.

Note: All official transcripts must be sent directly to the Admissions Office or the International Admissions Office (Transcript Information).

Admissions FAQ

Q: Does the Department of Economics admit in the Spring or Summer terms?

A: No. We only admit for the Fall Term. Applications submitted for Spring or Summer terms will not be reviewed.

Q: I received a letter from The Department of Economics saying that I was accepted but when I tried to register for classes the system didn’t recognize me.

A: When the Department of Economics makes an admissions decision we notify both the student and the Admissions Department which has a heavy volume of Admissions each semester. If there is a delay in your paperwork please contact the Academic Advisor at econgrad@unm.edu, so that he can check on the paperwork.

Q. I received a letter of Admission from the Department of Admissions but have not heard from the Department of Economics.

A: We apologize for not contacting you sooner. Sometimes we forward many decisions to the Admissions Department before we have had a chance to contact the student.

Q: Now that I have been admitted what do I do next? How do I get an email, register for classes, set up a financial plan?

A: The first thing that you need to do upon being admitted to UNM is to set up your NETID. This is not the same as your 9 digit student ID. The NET ID is similar to a USERID and is chosen by you. It becomes the first part of your UNM email address. For example JohnDoe@unm.edu. John Doe is the NET ID. To set it up please go to MY UNM . You can get there through www.unm.edu as well. Scroll down to set up your NET ID and password. Once you have your net ID you can register for classes, set up your financial plans etc. all through LoboWeb.

Q: My biggest concern is setting up the financial plan. I have questions about that. Who should I ask?

A: The Bursar’s office handles your student account. They should be able to assist you with those types of questions. Please use this link to visit the Bursar's Office website

International Student FAQ

Q: I am applying to your program from outside of the United States. Do I follow the same guidelines as a domestic student?

A: The Department of Economics requires the same supplemental materials for all students. However, the Office of International Admissions does have additional requirements for international students including the TOEFL exam. Please visit the Global Education Office website to make sure that you supply all of the necessary paperwork. 

Q: I am not from the United States but I am here on a green card. Do I need to apply as an International student?

A: The term International does not refer to where you were born; it refers to what your status as a student will be. If you will require a student visa to come to the University of New Mexico than you will be considered International. Please contact the Department of International Admissions at GoGlobal@unm.edu, if you are uncertain. 

Q. Once I am accepted at the University of New Mexico will I be given a visa? Will my family be able to come as well? How does the process work?

A: The Department of Economics would love to answer all of your questions regarding the visa process. However, to insure the most accurate information please refer to the Office of International Program Support. Once you are admitted they will be in contact with you. OIPS staff are helpful and well informed. They will be supporting you though out the process and during your studies.

Q: Are there student groups that represent the country or ethic group that I come from?

A: There are many student organizations of all types including ones for students from specific backgrounds. Check out the student group listing and start getting in touch with students with similar interests or background. In this age of electronic communication you can get started building networks before you even arrive. Student Activities Center

Q: What about in the Economics Department? Is there somebody from my country already studying in your department?

A: It would be wonderful to make contact with your new peers right away. Your Academic Advisor, can, with your permission, give your contact information to other students in the program.

Q: I have never been to the United States. I am nervous about being far away from home in a new country. Are most people in the city of the same ethnicity? Will I be able to get the foods I am accustomed to? How will I adjust to a new culture while also adjusting to a new program of study?

A: Albuquerque is a diverse city with citizens from all over the world. There are community centers, grocery stores etc. that represent just about every continent. OIPS, student organizations, department contacts etc. will all help you to adjust. The Economics faculty, staff and student body also wants you to succeed and will offer support and advice. Check out the City of Albuquerque website to learn more about our beautiful and diverse city.

Q: Which English Proficiency Test does the University accept?

A: International applicants must submit their results of the TOEFL, or other acceptable English Proficiency Test. Visit the Global Education Office English Proficiency Testwebsitefor more information on acceptable tests, score requirements, how to deliver scores, and more.

Q: Is there other information I should consult?

It is highly recommended that international applicants carefully read the Graduate Application Procedures section of the Global Education Office, International Admissions website. For more information you may want to refer to the International Graduate Application checklist and International Graduate Application Procedures. International applicants must also submit certified English translations of all of their academic records.